Department of MOST


Fire and Rescue Service of the Ústí Region
Territorial Department of Most
Dělnická 163
MOST, 434 01

(fire brigade of the former Most district)
Litvínov, Komořany, etc.

For possible connection of the building to the PCO workplace KOPIS HZS Ústecký kraje.

It is necessary to send to the fire brigade - add the requisites of an organizational nature:

  • Application for connection to the PCO - (written, free form, electronic scan is sufficient)
  • Object record sheet - (HZS form - filled in the header)
  • The contract with AEC (concluded by the owner of the building / operator / EPS user) is handed over to the HZS
  • Update of contact details for the persons responsible for the object (the HZS form will be provided by the AEC)

It is also necessary to supply the essentials for the fire brigade:

  • Documentation of fire fighting - DZP so-called OPERATIONAL CARD see TOP, point no.9
    2x in printed form graphic and text part, further
    1x in electronic form
  • DZP must be supplemented by a Room Plan with the numbers of individual detectors
  • Wrench from KTPO butterfly key CISA 44
  • Prove that inside the KTPO is stored for the intervening unit:
    the general object key from the entrance to the object and all other locked spaces a
    OPPO key ,
    event. the key to the entrance gate if the building is fenced and the KTPO is located outside the building.
    The KTPO must be equipped in such a way that a signal on the presence or the absence of a general object key within the KTPO

Sending, handing over documentation and documents along the HZS prevention line:

  • RD EPS (EPS project documentation) incl. Technical report
  • PDP (project documentation of signal transmission to PCO HZS)
    For possible processing of the PDP, it is necessary to send electronically to the AEC the documents approved by the Fire and Rescue Service:
    PD EPS in AutoCAD format + Technical report (actual design)
    PBŘ fire safety solution
  • Declaration and documents of designers and assembly organizations for EPS and ZDP according to Decree of the Ministry of Agriculture No. 246/2001 Coll. on fire prevention
  • Evidence of completed installation of the system or equipment for EPS and ZDP
  • Protocols on commissioning of equipment and protocols and initial inspections
  • For existing installations, valid protocols on regular inspections of installations and their parts
  • Evidence of practical verification of the function of the equipment or the main components of the equipment

It shall take over the above and conduct the connection procedure:

mjr. Ing. Milan Reiss
head of work prevention OO and KŘ
tel: 950 415 129, mobile: 724 174 593

Further information can be provided by:

pore. Bc. Vladimír Dvorščak
950 411 171, 724 178 786

Col. Ing. Eva Benáková Director of ÚO Most
950 415 113,114, 110

If the materials are handed over to the Fire and Rescue Service in person, we recommend that the transferor have their handover confirmed by the Fire and Rescue Service by signing the Handover Protocol, or directly on the copy of the transmitted document!

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