Smart homes and buildings

Intelligent house control is easily accessible to everyone thanks to modern technology. The basis of this home automation is the Tecomat Foxtrot PLC control unit . A single control system can ensure comfortable control of the whole house and thus facilitate a wide range of activities. This unit controls the individual controllable elements of the smart home based on the data obtained from the input sensors. For example, lights, recuperation, heat pump, heating, cooling, access systems, home security, etc. These technologies are no longer associated only with industrial automation; saves time, energy and effort. Make your home not only smart and automated, but also self-sufficient. All this is possible thanks to the Tecomat Foxrot home automation system, which is the best way to become a true master of the house.

Today, intelligent buildings are in demand in all areas, from business to personal. However, the difference compared to flats or family houses is the size, complexity and economic subject. The transformation of a building into an intelligent building is not complicated and can be obtained as easily as with a family house. Its principle is to ensure easy and fast control of all necessary elements, automate processes and control and manage the economic complexity of the construction in a controlled manner. For these purposes, we use the Tecomat Foxtrot system, both for the management itself and for the overall management, data collection in the field of M&A and, of course, for comprehensive building management. Everything is subject to individual customer requirements, so that the system is a real benefit for those who will use it. In an intelligent building, virtually any electrical or mechanical element can be controlled, from entrance systems, through blind control or lighting intensity, air conditioning, etc. The advantage of precise control of the building and its climate is not only operational savings, but especially the creation of a working environment that increases efficiency. work by up to 30%.

Industrial automation

The basis of a successful business in the field of industry is to have everything under control and provide an environment that can save time and effort. That's why managers, directors and business owners are looking for ways to advance in the field of industrial automation. The top technology in the field of industrial automation is the PLC system Tecomat Foxtrot . The big advantage is its wide use and complete adjustability for various types of industries. It can be used to easily control both simple single-purpose machines and complex complex equipment and production units.

The system is stable, perfectly reliable and can work without problems for decades. For example, it uses technology for both easy door opening and much more sophisticated systems for controlling complicated mechanisms. Thanks to its high durability, it is also suitable for demanding operations, where it ensures quick and easy tailor-made operation. Investments in automation are not high and have a very fast return. Programmable controllers are used in most operations and if you do not have them, we will provide you with everything you need for easy automation at your place.

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