Security + camera systems

We will not only design modern security systems, camera systems, burglar alarms, EPS, access systems, but we will also take care of their professional installation, service and regular inspections. We use wired and wireless security systems. Securing a private object can also work within the operation of a smart home.

  • selection of burglar alarm according to the specific needs of the client
  • integration of systems into the smart home
  • professional installation, service and inspection of equipment
  • creation of comprehensive household protection
  • support in the form of a field trip

House security

To secure family houses, we use reliable and effective security systems to detect the intrusion of strangers, fire, water and gas leaks.

Apartment security

We will design and implement effective and reliable security of your apartment. We will take care of the installation and service of the equipment.

Cottage security

We will effectively and efficiently secure your cottage, cottage, garden or any other recreational object against the intrusion of strangers.

Garage security

We will ensure the design and implementation of an effective and also the most economically advantageous system solution for securing your garage.

Security of cellars

We implement reliable systems for securing cellars against theft and flooding. We bring effective protection of your property.

EZS rental

You can rent quality electronic security systems for houses, flats, offices and other buildings for a temporary period or for a test.

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